NFL Offseason Madness: Looks like Drew Brees has famous friends

The NFL offseason has hit its stride as we near the end of May. Training camps are about 6-7 weeks away and players are cramming fun into their remaining free time.

The Saints quarterback seems to have some famous friends now, eh? On a stage with Matthew McConaughey? I bet it’s all those Nyquil and Tide commercials that has vaulted him into A-list company.

2. Russell Wilson — "My new hairdo to help raise awareness for #Diabetes. Research says 1 in 3 Americans by 2050 #bespectacular @sportsspec"

Remember those long curls that Russell was sporting in the playoffs? Looks like those are gone and quite frankly, it’s for the best.

3. Russell Wilson — "Izabella!!! Back with a guest!!!! @macklemore @seattlechildrens"

Now that Russell has altered his hairdo, it’s time to get back to what he does best. Do good deeds for the community, by visiting little baby Izabella at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital with Macklemore in tow. By the way, Macklemore is everywhere these days.

4. Kam Chancellor — "As good as this may look and sound "Godzilla of the NFL" it’s still not enough, it’s not where I want to be. I’m still climbing day by day. Nothing will get in my way. #Machine"

The Seahawks safety is fresh off a Super Bowl win, but he’s keeping in touch by watching a little NFL Network. And judging by what he has to say, it’s clear that Kam isn’t comfortable with a compliment. Dude, just accept it when someone says something nice!

5. Connor Barwin — "In honor of National Bike Month I got my teammates a lil present. Remember drivers: Share The Road!"

The Eagles linebacker is a big proponent of green initiatives and is well known for his preference of bikes over cars when it comes to road travel. But apparently, he wants to spread the message among his Philly brethren. Nice, who wouldn’t like free stuff?

6. Torrey Smith — "Chillin with my bro @89SteveSmith at @jimmysseafood golf outing….it’s going to be trouble in the fall"

The Ravens receiving corps improved this offseason when they acquired Steve Smith via free agency. Now, the Smith and Smith Connection are getting together for a little team bonding. And there’s no better way to do that than by hitting the links.

7. Torrey Smith — "Took Lil Torrey to the facility for the first time the other day….had to show him what his daddy was a part of…and how we need another one before he can walk"

Now that Torrey is done with his teammate, it’s time for family bonding with his little boy. That’s the good stuff right there.

8. Brett Favre — "Blessed to workout with one of the best to ever play in the NFL!!!! Taught me so much today!! #BrettFavre"

By the way, this image was posted by Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong, Jr. Doesn’t Favre look jacked? Good to see he’s keeping himself in shape during his retirement.

9. Brandon Marshall — "@mrsmichmarshall and I challenge the community to match our 1,000,000 dollar pledge towards #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #trailblazers"

What a couple days it’s been for the Bears star receiver. Marshall and his wife pledged $1 million of his new contract extension to the Mental Health Community. It’s good the man he has become. Keep it up, dude.

10. Brandon LaFell — "Before we went to #NORTHMECK #PROM last night"

The new Patriots wide receiver is dressed to the nines and ready for a night on the town. I hope he’s ready to learn that New England offense in a few weeks.

11. Joseph Fauria — "WORST BEHAVIOR! #SML"

OK, for those of you not familiar with In-N-Out Burger, let me summarize what the Lions tight end is about to munch on here. Those are two double-doubles along with French fries made animal style. Those of you out there who have conquered this meal know that a nap is the only thing that can follow this.  

12. Julio Jones — "Preakness #UA"

The Falcons wide receiver is ready for the races and that means he his bright colors on his body.