Matt Flynn still has a friend in American Airlines

By Sid Saraf,

Poor guy. Matt Flynn has had a rough go of it over the last couple of months. First, he got beat out for another starting quarterback job (this time by Terrelle Pryor), then he got released by the Raiders on Monday.

Now, the currently unemployed signal-caller has turned into the butt-end of jokes. A Raiders blogger tweeted out this one-liner:

Well, that came as news to American Airlines. They don’t allow these types of things to happen!

  Jokes don’t always come across on Twitter, apparently. The blogger decided to roll with it.

  Did AA finally figure it out?

Nope. But you have to give credit to the company for their prompt response.



Well, it’s clear the guy running the airline’s Twitter account finally got with the program at the end. And I think kudos are in order to American Airlines for its concern for what it thought was a legitimate complaint. That’s good business right there.

But, still. Let’s not lose sight that there’s a victim and his name is Matt Flynn.

Poor, poor guy.

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(H/T to NESN for the story)