Mark Sanchez says he’s used to competing for his job

By Ross Jones,

Mark Sanchez hasn’t had it easy this offseason.

Although he remains as one of the most high-profile people in the New York City area, he’s had to deal with heaps of national scrutiny. Since Sanchez’s last season, which fell short on multiple levels, the Jets drafted rookie QB Geno Smith in the second round. The two have been firmly entrenched in a QB battle, but Sanchez believes it’s nothing different than what he’s experienced in his  past.

“I think it’s similar to positions I’ve been in,” Sanchez told FOX Sports 1 NFL insider Mike Garafolo. “Everybody thinks it’s a lot different. But in high school I competed with someone for the job. In college at SC I competed with Mitch Mustain.

“Here, my first year with the Jets, I competed with Kellen Clemens. So, nothing has changed.”

Sanchez suffered a significant injury to his throwing shoulder last week and is currently listed as “day to day.” Rex Ryan received plenty of blame in playing Sanchez, but has said they wanted to see him play.

While Sanchez still fields questions about the disastrous 2012 season, he’s adamant that he’s focus is on 2013.

“I think every year you move on,” Sanchez said. “And whether you’re in an AFC Championship Game and make a great playoff run in your first two years or you have years like the last two where you don’t make the playoffs, you have to put it in its place and put it in a time capsule and move on.”

The Jets fifth-year quarterback believes that even though he has faced a ton of adversity, he’s determined to compete. He assured Garafolo that he is the same player that he once was and doesn’t lack the fire of a competitor.

“No doubt. That player never leaves. Things change but that never changes. That has to stay constant. I have allt he confidence in myself. I know I can make every throw, I know I can move and I know I can lead this offense.”