Manti Te’o says he hasn’t been teased since being in NFL

Leading up to the NFL Draft many prognosticators believed Manti Te’o would be teased in an NFL locker room because he was a victim of an online hoax. Thankfully for Te’o, that hasn’t been the case.

“No, lucky for me I’m surrounded by guys in San Diego who really care about football and really care about winning, and they really care about people,” Te’o said via NFL Network. “And for me as a rookie, I just keep my head down and keep working and keep my head in the playbook, so I don’t give them a reason to yell at me or give them a reason to not like me.

“For me, I’m just keeping my head down, do my responsibilities and make sure that I’m working to be the best linebacker I can be.”

Whether or not the Chargers are simply ignoring the fact that Te’o was a part of a national scandal that drew intrigue from several media outlets, they have been able to make his transition into the NFL a smooth one. Now, how will he handle the scrutiny from the fans? That’s a different issue.

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