Mail-it-in Friday: Will Tebow ever win a Super Bowl?

By Sid Saraf,

Welcome to Volume V of Mail-it-in Friday!

That being said, I throw my hands up in defeat. Every week, our inbox is flooded with Tim Tebow emails, but I always put a cap on the number I answer because who wants to read all of that? But, today is different. Tebow actually made news this week by signing with the Patriots, so all bets are off.

I removed the restrictor plate, so to speak. So, let’s have at it.

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OK, let’s get to work!


Nadine wrote,

Finally, Tebow hopefully can start the process of becoming the face of a franchise in the future … I predict that in five years Tebow will be the proud starting quarterback of a team and will lead that team to a Super Bowl … Tom Brady is the man, so he is not insecure and easily intimidated … sure wished he played for my Chicago Bears, who knows one day maybe Tebow will …

Hey, it’s Nadine again! For those of you who don’t remember, she supplied the first question in our Mail-it-in Friday debut just weeks ago. Her question then was about Tim Tebow, so it makes sense that she starts this week with another one.

Well, Nadine … yes, Tebow is well on his way to becoming the face of a franchise. The only thing he has left to do is not be a third-string quarterback, wait for Tom Brady to retire in another three seasons, somehow win the starting job, get through a regular season, make the playoffs, win at least two games there before making the Super Bowl and then finally winning said game.

Can he accomplish all of that in five years? You know what, I think he can. But I think he can in the same way that I think I can train myself to run a marathon. Will that happen, probably not … but I CAN do it.

Love ya, Nadine. Keep writing back. And good luck with the whole “being a Bears fan” thing.

Carrie wrote,

LoveTim Tebow, wish he would have been asked by Jacksonville jags oh well. I wish you the best God bless oh I have 3 Tebow jerseys hopefully red white and blue will be my last Tebow jersey lol.

We love Tim Tebow, too (sigh). You know, for the life of me, I STILL can’t figure out why the Jaguars didn’t want to roll the dice with Tebow. Maybe it made too much sense? Jacksonville’s QB situation is dismal, they can’t draw flies in that stadium and the area is filled with Florida Gators fans.

So, what’s the deal? Are the Jaguars against making money? Drawing fan interest? Maybe — gasp — winning a few games? I know, I’ve made the argument before that with Tebow comes many distractions and hoopla. But the more I think about it, the more I think it would have been worth it in the Jaguars’ case. The world just confuses me sometimes. wrote,

Your ID won 1 million sterlings.reply

Look at me! For the second straight week, I’ve won a prize? Now, I just have to figure out what country sterlings come from. Denmark? Congo? Turkmenistan? Whatever, I’m rich! As soon as I finish this mailbag, I’m cashing out and peacing out!

David wrote,

Tebow has done nothing but “Win” his entire career. How does he do it? If you can’t figure it out, you must be as mentally challenged as Terrell Owens. Does he need to have 15 kids with 10 different women, felon, drunk or a train wreck before you can call him legit? Look back at all the championship teams. Most teams didn’t have the best quarterback or the “best” anything other than the best team. For instance, look at Tony Romo. He is a great Quarterback, but has won nothing his entire career. I could continue, but I ain’t.

P.S. – Denver did go to the playoffs and Tebow was the quarterback.

Thank you,

I like the way you channeled your inner Dracula with your valediction.

First of all, there’s no need to besmirch Terrell Owens. The guy’s having a hard enough time trying to keep his finances in order, while also pursuing his dream of being a professional bowler (eye roll).

Second, what do you mean most championship teams didn’t have best quarterback? Let’s take a look a back at the last 10 Super Bowl winners:

XLVII: Ravens with Joe Flacco
XLVI: Giants with Eli Manning
XLV: Packers with Aaron Rodgers
XLIV: Saints with Drew Brees
XLIII: Steelers with Ben Roethlisberger
XLII: Giants with Eli Manning
XLI: Colts with Peyton Manning
XL: Steelers with Ben Roethlisberger
XXXIX: Patriots with Tom Brady
XXXVIII: Patriots with Tom Brady

So, there you go. With the exception of the first Steelers Super Bowl win — because Ben Roethlisberger wasn’t the quarterback then that he is now — every championship team had an elite level quarterback. So, maybe you don’t need the BEST quarterback in the game, but having a damn good one is pretty much necessary.

I also take exception with the Tony Romo slam. The Cowboys have so many problems that you can’t really pin everything on the quarterback.

Mr. Hastings wrote,


Great College player. Not very good pro QB. System would need to be changed for him to thrive. The new QB that runs can also throw consistently. Unless, Coach B is going to stop throwing the ball then Tebow will not be the back up. Ryan Mallet has a pro QB arm. He’s a good person but not a pro QB. May become a good TE if willing to change/learn position to help Team. Tebow is known to be a team guy so this trait will be put to the test.

You can’t see it here, but I feel it appropriate to mention that Mr. Hastings’ email was written in Comic Sans font. Despite your many excellent observations, I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul. Be gone with you!

Raju wrote,

“World explodes with Tebow”

What does this hyperbole (perverted exaggeration) really say about American education system?.

Who taught you that the ‘world’ is contained in the space of ‘nfl fans’?.

Please, give the rest of the world a break and desist writing perverted exaggeration.

Many thanks,

Well, Raju has taken exception to one of our featured items from the day that the Patriots landed Tim Tebow. We ran this photo:

We ran a headline above it that said, “World explodes after Tebow signs with Pats”

It’s called exaggeration for effect. We here at Laces Out do not feel that every living soul on the planet was affected or even cared about the Patriots signing Tim Tebow. Nor do we condone planet-exploding activities. We live in sensitive times and Laces Out strives every day to create compelling content that will uplift and shine a beacon of positive light on the world of professional football.

Actually, wait … why am I defending myself? Shut up, Raju!

Peter wrote,

It’s a value proposition; don’t have to pay to have a 3rd string QB on the roster and yes, we will see Tebow in a 3 TE set with Gronk and Hernandez. And he is insurance if Gronk gets hurt.

Oh, oh … I get it now. So, Tebow can just fill in for Gronk, eh? It’s that simple?

Listen here: You don’t just slide into a new position. NFL players are highly specialized. You can’t just make a cornerback into a safety, move a defensive end into a linebacker, or convert a quarterback into a slot receiver without there being a learning curve.

Gronk honed his tight end skills over several years. He studied film, he knows who he needs to block on a running play, and where the open spot is when the defense presents zone coverage on passing downs. It’s an art.

I’m not saying Tebow isn’t capable of learning how to play tight end, I’m saying that it’s not going to be an instantaneous switch.

And furthermore, I don’t care what you say, Tebow will never be Gronk. Gronk is awesome and he loves us all.

Marty wrote,

Screw tim tebo need,s to playing checkers

Marty, you have just won our Golf Clap of the Week award:

Leon wrote,

Why can’t people just be happy that thevyoung man has been given an oppurtunity to continue doing something he loves. Everyone complains about all these selfish athletes getting all this money. Now you gave genuine good person and people won’t leave him alone. Get a life America!!!

Just because someone loves to do something, doesn’t mean they should be allowed to do it. I really LOVE painting houses, however I am absolutely horrible at it. I have no business with a brush in my hand.

But I agree, America really needs to Get a Life:

All of us are such losers.

Chandra wrote,

Je’sus message about the coming of the Son of Man …

Chandra, you have no idea how right you are. I think he might be apartment shopping in the Boston area, as we speak.

Susan wrote,

Wow, great reason why Tim Tebow can’t find work in the NFL, his fans. If no one mentioned Tim again, he still would not find work in the NFL. All the “experts” have it in for him not because he has problems with the football but because he goes some place most of the NFL owners, coaches, and players choose not to go. He goes to place where honor, integrity, hard work, faith, courage, and building up others, instead of tearing them down, and character find home. They condemn him because they resent his character and nature. They use his techniques as the reason but no way.

John Elway is a narcissist [expletive deleted]. He was going to work with Tim in the off-season. What a liar and many of the other pundits have the same lack of character. The fans loyalty and outspokenness are the reasons Tim Tebow can’t find a home in the NFL? He will never find a team with character and courage enough to give him a honest go at the position, regardless of what his fans write or say.

Apache Junction AZ

Wait, Bobby? I thought you said your name was Susan. Just what in the hell (sorry, Tim) is going on around here?

Well, “Subby,” didn’t you hear? Tim Tebow has a job now. So you can put your righteous blade back in its scabbard. But great rant! Love the passion with your Elway hate.

Joseph wrote,

What makes him so bad? He killed the Steelers in the playoffs.

Killed? Survived against a banged-up Steelers team at home, is more like it. But whatever.

Nate wrote,

Thanks for providing a fresh and interesting article each week as we struggle through the shakes and chills of NFL withdrawal, appreciate it! Hate myself for saying it, but the Tebow Sideshow looks better every time Brady Quinn takes the field for OTAs up here in Seattle. Unless they brought Quinn in to improve the hands of our defensive backfield I can’t see how he will help our team. Just think of Tebow running the Seahawks offense! Who needs to pass with the three headed monster of Tebow, Lynch and Harvin running the ball!?

For those of you about to accuse me that I only included this email because he gave us a compliment, you’re completely right.

But anyway, you have every right to be worried about Brady Quinn. You have a starting quarterback in Russell Wilson who loves to break out of the pocket and run for big yards. All it takes is one unlucky hit and you have Brady Quinn under center. Ewww.

Look, the Seahawks had their chance to sign Tebow and didn’t do it. Based on how well the Seahawks have built their roster over the past couple years, I’m gonna take their word that they know what they’re doing.

OK! I’ve run all the emails that didn’t include a plethora of curse words or exhortations that I throw myself off the nearest cliff. Let’s move on to some other topics, eh?


Pamela wrote,

I’m happy for the couple, I think we are to quick to judge in this society! Everything is a crime these days and the press is the most judgmental of them all!

OK, Pam is referring to the former Bengals cheerleader, who married the ex-high school student she was convicted of having an affair with.

You know what, let’s flip the script. Let’s say it was a male teacher who had an affair with a female student. We’d lock him up, right? I’m all for equal rights, so I feel the same treatment should apply in the situation you’re talking about.

She might be marrying the guy, but it’s still gross. Yuck.

Terry wrote,

Big Ben is still the toughest QB in the NFL!!!

Big Ben is the toughest bro to have ever broed a football field. He’s very fratty, but there’s no doubting that the guy can take a beating. Props to him.

JG wrote,

Does anyone outside San Diego realize Charger’s Philip Rivers can not long bombs?

On that note, let’s wrap this up. See you next week! Remember, if you want your comment or question featured in this space, fire off an email to