Mail-it-in Friday: Tebow can play savior for the Patriots

By Sid Saraf,

Welcome!! Come one, come all to Volume VI (that’s six) of Mail-it-in Friday. We’re firing on all cylinders over here and we’re ready for another strong week. So, what’s on all of your minds?

We’re gonna discuss Aaron Hernandez, the NFL’s policy to ban purses and other assorted bags at stadiums, Chad Johnson’s legal drama and yes, maybe even a Tebow question or two.

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OK, let’s get to work!


Aaron Hernandez’s legal mess has fans in a tizzy.

Mike wrote,

Good thing they claimed Jake Ballard from the Giants

Yes, indeed. You know what else is a good thing? I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but it’s really good the Patriots claimed TIM TEBOW off the waiver wire!! Yes, I went there.

At this point, it’s likely Hernandez could miss some regular-season games, whether through an eventual arrest or some kind of suspension from the NFL.

Suddenly, what looked to be a joke of a signing has turned into a modern-day miracle. And what a break for Tebow. I hope he’s in the film room, because it looks like he can get on the field immediately as a tight end. Good lord, how lucky can one guy get?

You know what, maybe it’s all the praying Tim does. He really might be on to something.

Vincent wrote,

please tell me that you’ve got ooneiota of a chanch that aaron is innocent or i’ gonna call ncis on tv and ask them to in vestigate iknow dinozo will find enough evidence to prove aaron innocent

Vincent, we’re friends, right? Dude, next time have a little less coffee before sending us an email. I get that you’re emotional right now, but I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Will a good, hard slap help? It helped Mrs. Peacock:

Jack wrote,

Why would anyone suspect Aaron?

To be honest, I didn’t think he had anything to do with it at first. But once the story broke that he allegedly destroyed his home security system and handed over his cell phone broken into pieces, this was my reaction:

I don’t know what Aaron did or didn’t do, but something strange happened.


A story surfaced last week that the NFL, in an effort to promote safety at stadiums, changed its policy and will now ban everything larger than a clutch bag, That means coolers, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, purses etc. However, you will be allowed to bring clear plastic, vinyl or PVC bags that don’t exceed 12” x 6” x 12” or one-gallon Ziploc bags.

Jon wrote,

So we’re to believe that my kids can take in their Leap Pad and headphones in that bag? I guess I’ll find out as that the only way they’ll last a whole game. Stupid ass rule if you ask me. Then again, the NFL doesn’t care. All they want is way to cram more ppl into the stadium and have a larger cash grab.

First of all, I had to look up what a Leap Pad is. I’m in my 30s and completely out of touch with what the young people are doing these days. I see it’s similar to a PSP. But I guess it’s for learning?

Here’s something: How about you teach your kids to WATCH the game instead of burying their little faces in some contraption? You presumably dropped a bunch of money on tickets, don’t you want them to actually participate in the experience?

Back in my day — can’t believe I just said that — we didn’t have iPods and iPhones and Lilly Pads. Kids went to where their parents took them and dammit, they had to participate. If we started crying, the adults gave us something to REALLY cry about.

But yes, I agree with you, Jon. The NFL is just trying to make another few bucks by selling their “NFL approved plastic bags” outside the stadium gates. Pretty soon you’ll need financial aid to go a game.

Pat wrote,

This must be a joke not allowing Seat Cushion (seat) did you every go to Lambeau Field and seat on aluminum bench seat for 3 hours in the fall and winter we Packer Fans don’t have chair like seats, with the size limit you will not be able to bring a blanket in either. I will have to bring this up at the share holder meeting in July.

Pat, you just brought up one of my pet peeves. I can’t stand when stadiums force us to sit on those metal benches. Are we there to watch a football game or a propaganda film in a POW camp? By the time the third quarter rolls around, you don’t care who wins, you just want the game to hurry up and end before your spine collapses.

Lambeau in December? In the freezing cold without the option of a blanket? No thanks, guys … I’m staying in my living room with the heat on and a cold beer in my hand.

Chrisrazzz wrote,

This has nothing to do with safety!!!!! Has to do with squeezing more money out of the fans. It will prevent you from bringing your own “supplies”. Now you have to pay their outlandish prices!!!! You could do the same thing for safety by making most of the lines bag free and a couple of them for people with bags! I’m just curious….what does a father or mother do now with the items you’d need to bring for having a baby or small child with you???? I hope someone sues the NFL for discrimination!

I know!! How am I going to sneak mini-bourbon bottles and whippets (er, “supplies”) into the stadium, huh?? I thought this was ‘Merica! If I want to huff paint in a bathroom stall with children just outside, I’m free to do so!

By the way, Chris … if your kids are still at the point where they need diaper changes, maybe they aren’t stadium-ready yet, hmmm?

Nicky wrote,

I have an offer for you

Dude, I don’t have time this week. Very busy over here.


Chad Johnson’s snafu with a judge that sent him to the pokey for a week has you fired up.

Sylvia wrote,

Let’s face it this Judge was not in line with justice but with her own selfish and arrogant world. I would opine that she was on an ego trip of her own hunt for celebrity: as so many Judges and Prosecutors are these days.

The slap on the ass didn’t seem to offend the defense attorney at all. I fact knowing the culture of the profession of the clientele that he chose to represent the slap on the ass would be a compliment or sort of an indoctrination into the intra-sanctums of the Pro sports world.

Contrast these:

A bow to a oriental person

A hand shake to a business after a deal has been struck

A net greeting to a tennis pro ( even in defeat)

The general public should rein in these over rated “wana be” rulers / aristocrats.



Noah? Did you kill Sylvia? Whoever you are, I agree with you. That judge seemed to get really carried away and overemotional about something as innocuous as a slap on the butt. If you looked at Chad’s demeanor, it didn’t seem like he was trying to act like a fool, but he got dinged anyway.

But here’s a good rule of thumb: When you’re in a court room, be polite, nod your head and say “Yes, ma’am or “No ma’am.” Speak only when spoken to and leave the locker room stuff in the locker room.

Derrick wrote,

Wow! This injury was greatly exaggerated by the media. The domestic violence portion deserved to be punished but I’ve seen worse from toddlers at daycare centers.

Courtney wrote,

Dear sir/madam,

The question you should have asked is, if that were Hillary Clinton who congratulated her lawyer by patting him on the backside, would that white female judge sentence her to 30 days in jail. We are all aware that the justice system is skewed in favor of white females and in total disfavor of black males. When we see evidence of that injustice, don’t act like a DUMB Ass by asking ridiculous questions. One day the scales will balance, and when a female rolls her eyes, or fluffs her hair that will be perceived as disrespectful instead of the things that the minority culture does routinely.

I must feel great to be part of the majority population. Maybe one day soon I will experience that feeling. Yea, in about 20 years…. Enjoy it while you can.

Courtney, that rant has earned you the Golf Clap of the Week Award:

Oh yes, women have had it SO great over the years, with the lower pay and lack of respect. One day they’ll get what’s coming to them!

Ashley wrote,

These photos make me think another Rhianna. As a survivor of domestic violence, there needs to be longer jail sentences for these men. What Chad did to Evelyn is unforgivable. I hope women see this and learn that at the first sign of violence they need to run, not walk the other way.

I saw the photos of Evelyn Lozada’s injuries on TMZ and you’re not wrong. Those injuries were pretty ugly. I’m no fan of Evelyn, but that wasn’t cool. I don’t care how crazy she is, the second you get physical, you’re wrong.


Nate wrote,

Am I just drinking too much of the hometown Kool-Aid or is Seahawks vs. 49ers the game most people are looking forward to seeing this season? Things just keep heating up between us and the Niners this offseason! With the arms race that was free agency and the draft, the fact that the talking heads are talking superbowl aspirations for both and now dueschbag Harbaugh talking trash about our PED suspensions can we expect a blood bath September 15th at The Clink? I wouldn’t be surprised if the NFL rolled out a WrestleMania-like ad for the game soon!

Yay! We’re talking football again! Nate, you are so right. I’m totally geeked up to see both Niners-Seahawks games this season. Carroll-Harbaugh, Kaepernick-Wilson, Gore-Beast Mode, the compelling matchups are too many to name. I can’t wait … is it fall yet?

John wrote,

Signing tebow is the dumbest thing New England has ever done. He is not a pro qb and never will be.

That’s totally fine. He doesn’t have to be a quarterback as it looks like he has a tight-end job waiting for him. John, stop drinking the Haterade. Come on, don’t be a hater …. Give Timmy a chance.

One that note, let’s wrap it up. Come back next Friday for another amazing episode of Mail-it-in Friday. Remember, if you want to have your email here, send you missive to