Lane Johnson tweets out receipt from Eagles’ annual rookie dinner

Lane Johnson and his teammates had quite a night of eating.

Joe Camporeale/Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Well, these are hungry guys.

The Eagles had their rookie dinner recently, and second-year offensive lineman Lane Johnson tweeted out the bill from the night’s action at Del Frisco’s steakhouse.

You don’t need to turn your head at a weird angle to notice the final tally: $17,747.86. Now that’s some serious eating. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

1. Two bottles of Harlan Estate Cabernet from 2006. The cost? Almost three grand.


2. Spinach Supreme for $12. Not sure what is in that spinach dish to make it "supreme," but it must be impressive.

3. Two orders of mac and cheese w/lobster for $37. Worth every penny because lobster mac is amazing. Bravo.

4. Two orders of King Crab Gnocchi. Excellent.

5. One bottle of Shafer Hillside Select for a cool $2,650. That’s one bottle of wine. And if this was a large group, how many people are really getting a chance to drink it?

6. Three orders of cheesesteak dumplings. Oh. My. God. That sounds epic.


7. Two orders of steak tartare. I’ve never understood the "tartare" family of foods. Hey, here’s a delicious steak, but we’re not going to cook it!

8. Two orders of "vegetable." OK, moving on.

9. Five ginger ales. Good to see there are probably some designated drivers in this group.

10. One bottle of Screaming Eagle Cabernet! How apropos! Because they’re the Eagles, you see!

Anyway, it seems like everyone left Del Frisco’s that night with a full belly, and that’s good. Now, we don’t know who picked up the check, but in light of the stories of hazing in the NFL, let’s hope it wasn’t one poor rookie who got stuck with that entire bill.