Kluwe might have his job ripped away by a rookie

Uh oh, hell hath no fury like a punter scorned. Chris Kluwe, the Vikings just put you on blast.

Kluwe, outspoken defender of gay rights and the “best punter in Vikings history,” is in danger of losing his job as Minnesota took UCLA’s Jeff Locke in the fifth round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Chris responded to the pick with this:


That’s right, he quoted the movie Dodgeball. But why would the Vikings bring in someone else? Have Kluwe’s vocal ways finally rubbed the franchise wrong way? Vikings special teams coordinator Mike Priefer said as much in December.

“Those distractions are getting old for me, to be quite honest with you,” Priefer told the St. Paul Pioneer press, when Kluwe was stumping for Ray Guy to be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And as far as Kluwe’s mission to promote marriage equality and gay rights?

“To me, it’s getting old. He’s got to focus on punting and holding,” Priefer said.

If we’ve learned anything about football coaches at all levels, they can’t stand anything coming in the way of the game. In fact, if they could program their players to sleep next to their lockers and speak only when spoken to, that would be ideal. There is no room for personality or life outside the gridiron for most of these maniacs.

So, you tell us, are Kluwe’s days in Minnesota numbered? Locke certainly seems excited to come to the Minnesota.


And Kluwe to his credit, isn’t fanning the flames.