Joe Theismann feels Kevin Ware’s pain

Did you see Kevin Ware’s gruesome injury during the NCAA Tournament this past weekend? Horrible, right? Well, there’s one man who has been through something similar and he has some encouraging words.

Joe Theismann, the quarterback whose leg was snapped by Lawrence Taylor back in 1985, spoke with TMZ and is optimistic about Ware’s future.

“Hopefully he’ll be alright,” Theismann said on camera. “They put a rod in it so he should be able to come back. I’m willing to help him any way I can.”

“He’ll come back and I think be terrific.”

Watching Ware’s injury was undoubtedly a traumatic moment for the former Super Bowl winning quarterback, who had a wave of memories flood his mind.

“You relive the whole experience again,” he said.

We here at Laces Out hope and pray that Ware has a speedy recovery and comes back like a beast.