Joe Namath says Jets should start Matt Simms in Week 1

By Sid Saraf,

You have to love Joe Namath. I don’t why, but you do. He’s just great.

Anyway, Broadway Joe joined “Crowd Goes Wild” on FOX Sports 1 on Tuesday and weighed in on the Jets and their disastrous quarterback situation. And no, he doesn’t agree with coach Rex Ryan naming rookie Geno Smith the opening day starter against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“Geno may be a better athlete and all, but he hasn’t seen full-speed NFL defense,” Namath said. “By having a pure rookie in there, your offense doesn’t have a chance.”

Pssst, Joe: Matt Simms doesn’t have the most experience either. But who cares, let’s move on.

Namath also went on to back Mark Sanchez, saying the blame for the Jets offense doesn’t all fall on him. The Hall of Famer recognizes that football is a team game and the two years that Sanchez had an adequate offensive line in front him, he didn’t just reach the playoffs, he twice had the squad a win from the Super Bowl.

So, whose fault is it?

“I think it goes deeper than the coaching staff per se. Who is picking the players? Who’s bringing in the players? And they haven’t made the right selections.”

Sounds like management to me.

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