Joe Flacco says Ray Lewis’ speeches rarely made sense


By Andy Nesbitt,

We’ve all seen videos of Ray Lewis giving pregame speeches – either in the locker room or in the sideline huddle before the start of the game.

He was loud, he was passionate, and oftentimes he rambled. On and on and on and on.

At times his speeches seemed inspiring, I guess, but most times it seemed like the players should be laughing while wondering what the heck Lewis was talking about.

Joe Flacco apparently feels the same way.  According to a story an an upcoming issue of ESPN the Magazine, Flacco was once approached by former offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and asked to follow Lewis’ motivational lead before a game.

Flacco declined the opportunity and had this to say about Lewis’ speeches:

“That’s not me,” Flacco says. “I love Ray, and I love how he always spoke from the heart, but if you listened to those speeches, a lot of them didn’t even make sense. He meant everything he was saying, but I didn’t know what he was talking about 90 percent of the time.”

So who’s side are you on, Flacco’s or Lewis’? Let us know in the comments below.

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