Jamaal Charles admits he cried when he wasn’t selected in the first round

Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles was overlooked in the 2008 NFL Draft and slid all the way into the third round. He’s still not happy about it and admits that he even shed a tear when he wasn’t selected on Day 1.

“I had to wait all the way to the second day to get picked up,” Charles said in an interview with FOXSports.com. “I went home and cried because I thought my dream wasn’t coming true. Then, I got that call, and my dreams came true.”

Charles can relate with Geno Smith, Manti Te’o and Matt Barkley, all whom were passed on in the first round of the NFL Draft.

“I know how that feeling is, when you expect something,” Charles said. “You know you’re a talent and how [high] you should go in the draft.”

It’s likely that each player will be picked on Friday, but that still doesn’t lessen the blow of being ignored. It happens every year. College prospects get passed up in the draft and become superstars on Sundays. Who will it be this year?