It’s ‘Matt’ Barkley in case you were wondering

Rookies have it rough in the NFL. Forget about the leap in competition, you gotta deal with hazing, too. But is it too much to hope for veterans to get your name right?

For Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, apparently so:


“Mark Barkley.” Ouch.

I guess you can’t blame LeSean … after all, he went to Pitt. “Mark” went to USC. Players who come out of the Big East aren’t used to staying up late to catch those West Coast games. And furthermore, LeSean has too much on his mind what with being a big-time pro player to worry about some rookie’s first name.

No word on what “Mark’s” reaction was. Clearly, he never corrected LeSean, which is probably a smart move. The last thing you want to do as a rookie is mouth off to a veteran. Just take your lumps and deal with it.

So, how is “Mark” doing?


Nice! He’s already ahead of Dennis Dixon when it comes to getting reps.


That’ll do, Mark … that’ll do.