Is This Rex Ryan Tattoo of His Wife In a Mark Sanchez Jersey Real or Fake?

This picture of Rex Ryan had me skeptical, even before my first cup of coffee. The NY Daily News snapped a picture of Rex Ryan on vacation sun-bathing in the Bahamas, and low and behold Rex has some tattoos up and down his arm.  The one that really stands out is a tattoo showing a rendering of what appears to be his wife, Michelle, wearing a green No. 6 jersey.  This could have been an easy Photoshop job for someone much more talented then myself, but there is also the possibility that it is real.  I guess we will have to wait for confirmation from Rex if the tattoo is real or not, but in the meantime please weigh in with your thoughts on in the tattoo is legit or fake.

Also, we are very aware that it seems that the lady in the tattoo may also be Tebowing.



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