Hungry? You’ll eat what Chip wants you to eat!

Chip Kelly might have his team looking leaner and meaner on the field in more ways than one. We already know that he is firmly dedicated to installing his “blur” offense from Oregon, but the first-year head coach has other principles he’s bringing to Philly.

Kelly, who took the Eagles’ head coaching gig in January, has modified every little detail inside the team’s training facility. And we mean every detail, down to the cafeteria. Gone are the days of junk-food, binge-eating lunch hours.

“Everything in the cafeteria has been re-made, and everyone in the organization from upper management to the staffers to the players are commenting on it,” ESPN’s Jeannine Edwards said Monday morning on SportsCenter. “You go in the cafeteria and you see nothing but healthy food choices because Chip Kelly believes elite athletes need optimal nutrition.”

That’s not it.

“Gone are things like Taco Tuesdays and Fast Food Fridays, which the players are not too happy about,” Edwards continued. “Pizza, chicken wings, fried foods — and even red meat — are off the menu. [Kelly wants] nothing but organic hormone- and antibiotic-free lean meats.”

OH, HELL NO. If Kelly wants to play music during practice, fine. If he wants to make sure he has smoothies and shakes and fresh Robeks juice waiting for players after practice, alrighty then. But you don’t start messing with people’s food.

The last time we here at Laces Out checked, this is America. If we want to inhale some carne asada tacos with fresh guac, we’re free to do so.

Plus, you can’t have that much of an effect by controlling what people eat at the team facility. The players can leave at the end of the day. So, will Chip follow his players home? Will he tail Michael Vick and make sure he doesn’t order the spin dip and mozz sticks from Buffalo Wild Wings? No, he won’t. And he can’t.

Listen, Chip, we get it. You’re trying to sever all ties from the bloated Andy Reid era. We get it. But stop with the Big Brother-like interference. You’re gonna make enemies real fast.