Geno Smith puts forth a ‘brutal’ effort at Jets practice

By Sid Saraf,

There are gonna be days like this for Geno Smith. The Jets’ rookie quarterback apparently stunk up the joint during Wednesday’s practice. How bad?

“It was brutal,” Jets head coach Rex Ryan said to the Associated Press. “That was Geno’s worst day.”

Smith threw four interceptions on the day, including three during 11-on-11 drills. Maybe the ankle he injured during the team’s first preseason game is affecting him on the field?

“Obviously the ankle is part of it, but way too many picks,” Ryan continued. “He did not look comfortable today. Obviously he has to come back from it, and he will come back from it. But it was a bad day.”

Then Ryan added this:

“Guys have bad days, but this was a really bad day.”

Ouch. I think it’s that last quote that probably hurts the most. Just the fact that he drove the point home instead of letting it go.

BUT … this doesn’t have to be a negative.

Look, I get it. I’ve had some bad days at work. During my first year working at FOX, I accidentally hit the breaking news button on a story that definitely wasn’t breaking. As a result, thousands of people received emails saying that Kevin Kolb was seen throwing balls to Larry Fitzgerald in Arizona.

Was it embarrassing? Sure. Did FOX put in a workaround called the “Sid Button,” which asks editors for a confirmation before sending out a breaking news alert? Yes, that also happened.

However, I learned from it … only made the mistake one more time … and am a better man for it. I think the same thing can happen for Geno.

He just needs to learn from today, come back and give 100 percent during the next practice. And no, I don’t think these four interceptions means Mark Sanchez is going to win the starting job.

Why do I feel that way? Simple, take it away Allen: