Eagles reportedly slow down hurry-up offense at practice

Since Jeffrey Lurie, the Eagles owner, hired Chip Kelly as head coach, anticipation has grown on what the new offense in Philly will look like. Kelly, who reinvented the way offense is played during his time at Oregon, looks to bring some similar principles to the next level.

Kelly’s philosophy is to play fast, keep the tempo high, put a premium on speed and outwork your opponent. But a recent report via PhillyMag.com, suggests the new movement has, in a sense, backfired. So much, that Kelly called a team meeting last week to help iron out some of the issues.

“It was very difficult for us as a team at first because we just felt like we had to do everything so fast,” Vick told FOX 29. “And it took for Chip to call us into the auditorium in a team meeting to say, ‘Listen, everybody relax and slow down.’

Kelly’s offense isn’t effective if every detail isn’t up to snuff. Although it’s unknown exactly what Philly’s offense will look like in September, the new head coach has been successful on exposing mismatches and taking advantage of misdirection.

“You have to slow it down if you aren’t doing it right,” Vick said. “You can’t be doing it at a fast pace and doing it wrong. Then it’s time to slow down and teach.”

Since the Eagles have reported to OTA’s two weeks ago, Kelly has been installing his “blur” offense. The Eagles have reportedly run exclusively out of the shotgun and have tried a new, out-of-the-box approach with their rookie offensive lineman Lane Johnson.

Johnson’s athleticism allows the offense to be creative and with Kelly’s vision, he has taken full advantage of it. Last week, the Eagles ran a play where they lined Johnson, a right tackle, in the slot. The other four lineman would play in their normal positions. The quarterback would get the snap and throw a quick WR screen to Johnson’s side. It’s an interesting concept because Johnson would have an advantage on cornerbacks who are much lighter than he is.

“We’re really starting to pile on now,” Kelly said. “And especially for some of these young guys that piling on process … I think you can hit a wall a little bit, but they’ve got to fight their way through it.”

Oh, and on top of it Vick is firmly entrenched in a three-way quarterback competition including Nick Foles and incoming rookie Matt Barkley. That’s fine, but what irks Vick the most is being asked about the competition ad nauseum by local media.

“Yeah, it annoys me,” Vick said. “It’s very annoying. But you know what? Right now I’m focusing on being the best person, the best quarterback on the field I can be.

“And that’s going to take being resilient after throwing an incomplete pass, being resilient when things aren’t going so well. How can you come back from it?”

He better get used to it because it is something that will probably linger all season, unless he masters the offense in a hurry.

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