Donovan McNabb, Twitter enraged by Romo’s new deal

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo got paid with a capital P on Friday, earning a six-year contract extension worth $108 million.

Take a look at him, getting a little help signing the deal  from his newborn son Hawkins Romo and wife Candice Crawford.

Although Romo has made three Pro Bowl appearances since becoming the starting QB in 2006, he hasn’t had much, err any, postseason success. Now he’s the highest paid QB in franchise history and will receive more guaranteed money than Super Bowl winning quarterback Joe Flacco.

After the deal was announced, social media was on fire and everyone, including Donovan McNabb, had a punchline for the new extension.

Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb took a crack at Romo. This tweet is actually kinda funny. McNabb mentions Romo only has one postseason win — can someone remind me who that win was against? Oh, that’s right it was McNabb and the Eagles.

Hey, this guy had a good one … NOT!

This gentleman doesn’t seem too happy with the new deal.

This is kinda true, but still …

Did the man commit a robbery?

The scrutiny is fair, but Romo seems to have lived up to his end of the bargain.

Statistically, he’s coming off one of his best seasons in his career, but it’s hard for NFL fans, especially Cowboys fans, to forget some of the pain he has caused the franchise.

With all that said, we have a feeling Romo could care less right now. And if there’s anyone out there who has anything else to say, you might have to deal with this guy: