Dolphins players express dismay over Incognito-Martin situation

By Sid Saraf,

Well, most of us knew the situation going on with the Miami Dolphins was complicated. But complicated might have been an understatement.

Several Dolphins players spoke up and met with the media on Wednesday and had many interesting things to say. FOX Sports Florida has full coverage of the news conference, but let’s run down the list here:

1. QB Ryan Tannehill was under the impression that Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin were best of friends. Tannehill also said the two would hang out off the field. “When they wanted to hang out outside of football, who was together? Richie and Jon.”

Tannehill went on: “Does he like to give guys a hard time? Yes. Does he like to pester guys and have fun? Yes. But he brought a lot laughter to this locker room, he brought a lot of looseness to this locker room. He was the best teammate I could ask for.”

2. OT Tyson Clabo had this to say:



Clabo went on to tell the New York Post, “I think that what’s perceived is that Richie is this psychopath, racist maniac and nothing could be farther from the truth. The reality is that Richie was a pretty good teammate, and that Richie and Jonathan Martin were friends.”

3. WR Brian Hartline said this about the voicemail that Incognito left for Martin back in April:



4. Offensive lineman John Jerry said he has never heard Incognito use the “N” word around him and even if he did, would have “laughed it off.” As far as Incognito not being a racist, Jerry said, “He’s a guy I’m with more than my own family, so I know what type of guy he is, personally.”

5. Offensive lineman Mike Pouncey and WR Mike Wallace both don’t think Incognito is a racist. Both also wished Incognito would be playing with them on Monday when they face the Buccaneers.

Other notes:

1. The Miami Herald reports that the prank that caused Martin to leave the team facility last week has been pulled on other players dozens of times. It was even pulled on head coach Joe Philbin. The prank is everyone gets up from a lunch table when the one being pranked sits down.

2. Hall of Famer Warren Sapp told a story on the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday, saying Incognito called him the “N word” during a game back in 2006. Sapp said “it’s a term of endearment where I come from.”

3. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Wednesday that Incognito was asked by the team to take Martin under his wing and even toughen him up.

4. Pouncey told ESPN analyst Cris Carter that he would “never allow anyone to be bullied on my team.” And while Incognito thought he was trying to motivate Martin, Pouncey wishes “the words were different.”

Here’s what clear: This story has taken a much different turn over the past two days. Check out FOX Sports Florida for their coverage of Wednesday’s news conference.

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