Dolphins fans have their own take on the Incognito-Martin saga

By Sid Saraf,

We were waiting to see how the Dolphins would fare once they got back on the field to actually play a game. Well, we found out on Monday night as Miami lost on the road to Tampa Bay 22-19.

However, we also saw what a cross-section of Dolphins fans felt about all the drama surrounding their team over the last couple weeks. Check this out:

This just seems uncalled for:


Here’s another guy who feels Richie Incognito is being treated unfairly:

Then there was this:


These two guys got into the bullying spirit:

Hey, someone wake this lady up:


Buccaneers fans really didn’t want to be left out:



I guess we can’t blame Dolphins legend Jason Taylor for feeling like this:


What a unique situation, eh?

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