Connor Barwin sticks to environmentally friendly modes of transportation

By Sid Saraf,

As annoying as thinking about the environment can be sometimes (seriously, who has the time anymore?), you have to hand it to Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin. The guy cares.

So much so that he forgoes driving around in gas-guzzling automobiles (like I do) and instead chooses to stick to his bike or public transportation. Don’t believe it? See for yourself:

By the way, the guy signed a $36 million contract in the offseason, so clearly this isn’t a matter of cutting costs. You won’t see Barwin sitting in his kitchen, clipping coupons for a discount on Cocoa Pebbles. He must be a true believer in the danger of fossil fuel emissions (that’s a thing, right?). The Philadelphia transit authority couldn’t be happier with the free publicity.

  Barwin’s teammates have seen him in action and get a tremendous kick out of it. Fletcher Cox, in particular:

Barwin has also immersed himself in politics:


I was almost ready to declare my total admiration for Connor and his environmentally conscious ways, until I stumbled across one troubling fact. When Barwin played for the Texans, when not taking the bus, he regularly drove a Toyota Prius to and from practice.

I’m sorry, but I’m deducting several admiration points for that. For obvious reasons. And if you’re unable to figure out those reasons, you’re part of the problem.

But still, kudos to Connor!

(H/T to Yahoo! for the story)

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