Christian Ponder has hilarious reaction to Aaron Rodgers’ new deal

Aaron Rodgers got paaaaaaaaaaid on Friday. The Packers announced the five-year extension on Twitter. Vikings QB Christian Ponder announced the deal to his wife Samantha Ponder via text. Sam Ponder Instagrammed (is that a verb?) a screen shot of the back-and-forth convo.

Funny, right? Who would’ve guessed Christian Ponder shops at Wal-Mart? It must be the roll-back savings.

Ya gotta love how Ponder refers to a million bucks like it’s just pocket change. Twenty-two a year? Oh, the life.

Who would’ve guessed Sam and I have the same iPhone? Or that she refers to her husband as “CP?”

So much info in such a small image.

Well, at least “CP” has a new toy to play with this year. Cordarrelle Patterson made a bold statement on Friday, choosing Randy Moss’ number. Straight cash, homie.