Chiefs Players Ask For Peyton Manning’s Autograph After Sunday’s Loss [VIDEO]

Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles and wide receiver Dwayne Bowe came under fire following Sunday’s home loss against the Denver Broncos because they waited outside the stadium to meet Peyton Manning.

Truth be told, NFL players ask for one another’s autographs all the time. Think about it. There you are, playing NFL football against some of the greatest legends in the game. Wouldn’t you, after sixty minutes of battle, ask for an autograph as well?

Former Chief Rich Baldinger disagrees, telling KCTV:

“I don’t understand it at that moment,” he said. “They were smiling and laughing after the loss like that today. I just think it just goes to show what this team’s about. I don’t know if winning’s really that important.”

True, players will usually send clubhouse staff next door to do the dirty work for them, but it still happens. It’s also not as though Charles and Bowe weren’t doing their jobs on Sunday, leading the Chiefs in rushing and receiving, respectively.