Broncos attend Rockies game, pull prank on Orlando Franklin

The Broncos showed some support for the Colorado Rockies on Tuesday night.

In fact, offensive tackle Orlando Franklin was attending his first baseball game ever. Peyton Manning (left) knew this. So did Eric Decker (not pictured) and Von Miller (right). They also knew that the network televising the game had an on-air interview scheduled with Franklin.

You know what that means, a perfect opportunity for a prank.

While Franklin was being interviewed, Decker flew over the big man’s left shoulder and coldcocked him with a plate full of shaving cream. Boom. Just like that, Decker strikes again.

It’s not exactly known who is the mastermind behind this one, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it was Peyton who came up with the idea. Let’s not forget last month when he tried to pull this fast one by Decker.

Hey Peyton, little bit of advice … maybe it’s not the best idea to pull pranks on players you depend on.

We have to admit, Franklin played it off like a champ, but he let it be known that he is out for some payback.

“Revenge will be mine,” Franklin tweeted after the game. Uh oh.