Brian Urlacher was one bad dude

By now you probably have heard the news. Brian Urlacher retired. What a career. He played 13 years for one team, which doesn’t happen too often in today’s age. He’s a legend in Chicago and a likely first-ballot Hall of Famer, which he’ll be eligible for in 2018

Last year, Urlacher met with NFL on FOX analyst Michael Strahan and talked about how he was inching closer to retirement. Although Urlacher, 34, was limited with a knee injury in 2012, he still played with a great passion.

Urlacher was the franchise’s leader, a void that will be filled by veteran linebacker Lance Briggs.

“It’s very different,” Briggs said Tuesday via the Chicago Tribune. “I didn’t call the plays before, and now I am. I just have a lot of respect. I’ve been spoiled for the last 10 years.”

Let’s take a look back at some of the greatest moments of Urlacher’s NFL career.

Who can forget Urlacher’s 85-yard interception return for a touchdown on BRETT FAVRE?! This is burned in the minds of Green Bay fans everywhere.

Need something a little more recent? Check out this GIF of Urlacher lighting up Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph. Ouch! His ears are still probably ringing.

How about a hit reel? Urlacher is one of the most-feared linebackers of all time. Strap your seatbelt on, this video will leave you shaking.

Urlacher logged some nice numbers for playing middle linebacker in a 4-3 Cover 2. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the goods

Just last week, Urlacher was reportedly close to inking a deal with the Vikings, but ultimately the temptation of playing for one franchise in his career was too special.

When the linebacker announced his retirement via Twitter, the social media giant blew up:




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