Brian Urlacher Says He Would Lie To Cover Up A Concussion

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher said that if he were to suffer a concussion during a game he would lie to cover it up.

In an interview earlier this year with HBO, Urlacher said that he would absolutely lie to cover up a concussion during a game. With all of the speculation floating around quarterback Jay Cutler’s concussion suffered at the hands of the Houston Texans last Sunday night, Urlacher was asked if he still stood by those remarks.

“Yeah,” he said, when asked if he would cover up such an injury. He went on to say he didn’t see “how you can lie these days with all the (stuff) they have to see who’s concussed and not.”

He did, however, go on to add that the NFL needs to do a better job of preventing knee injuries.

Concussions have certainly become a point of contention in the sports world as of late and, with Cutler’s status for Monday night’s showdown with the San Francisco 49ers, it seems that this might not have been the time for Urlacher to confirm his earlier statement.

via USA Today

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