Brian Urlacher admits that Bears would fake injuries to slow down offenses

By Ross Jones,

There are only a few ways to slow down up-tempo offenses on the field — and on-field injury is one of them.

Former Chicago Bears linebacker and current FOX Football Daily analyst Brian Urlacher said on the show Tuesday that faking injuries was part of the team’s game plan to slow such offenses down.

“Our coach would go like this, ‘Take a dive’ on the sideline during a long drive,” said Urlacher, pantomiming the motion on FOX Football Daily. “Early in the season they’d get tired. You know those guys [play] 80 plays a game and you get beat out there.

“So we would have a guy who was a designated dive guy. When coach would do that, they would get hurt.”

Urlacher wouldn’t name the coach who would make the action on the sideline, but noted that it wasn’t coached, yet it was just a part of the game plan.

No-huddle offenses, such as Chip Kelly’s in Philadelphia, will be interested in such situations — especially coming off these remarks.

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