Are you ready for some football? These photos posted by NFL teams should get you ready

This whole social media thing seems to be catching on. Even NFL teams are getting in on the action, finding different ways to get you the fans fired up for games.

Even preseason games.

Even the last preseason game of the year when most star players won’t see much playing time.

Let’s take a look at the different ways said NFL teams are letting you in on the action. The Raiders are in Seattle to face the Seahawks. They’re also enjoying some touristy things.

The Giants are in New England to face Tim Tebow (maybe?) and the Patriots. Don’t worry, the Giants are going to be ready to play. They even brought their uniforms with them:

The Saints are in Miami to face the Dolphins. Head coach Sean Payton needs a little snack before the buses leave for the stadium. Lucky for him he has a bunch of different options to choose from:

The Detroit Lions are in Buffalo to battle it out for the title of “Best City in America.” OK, maybe they aren’t playing for that, but the Lions have found a good way to get everyone to the stadium:

The Falcons are pumped to play the Jags tonight. So pumped that they figured out a cool way to get the players from the locker room to the field:

The Steelers are in Charlotte and they are ready to do work:

The 49ers have safely arrived in San Diego, where they will face the Chargers. How do we know for sure about that they have arrived? This:

The Eagles are in New York (well, technically New Jersey) to attend the circus, we mean play the Jets. The team loves its fans and wants to make sure they know all the important details before going to the game.

The Browns came up with an amazing graphic for their final preseason game, but forgot to put what time the game starts (it’s 8 p.m. ET):

The Texans are in Dallas where they will apparently be painting the field tonight:

The Chiefs are hosting the Packers. Where will the Chiefs be getting dressed before the game? Right here:

The Redskins have touched down in Tampa for tonight’s game against the Bucs … and they are looking their best?

The Titans landed in Minneapolis last night, where they’ll face the Vikings tonight. How do you get an entire football team from the airport to the hotel? The Titans know how:

The Rams, who are playing host to the World Champion Ravens, have something really special for the fans tonight, new-look end zones:

Finally, the Arizona Cardinals have made it to Denver where they will battle with the Broncos. One word to describe the Cardinals? Artsy: