Are you ready for a TV show called ‘The Gronks?’

By Sid Saraf,

Is there such a thing as too much Gronkowski? Apparently not.

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and his large and entertaining family have pitched an animated television show called … wait for it … “The Gronks.”

The (fictional) show will be centered around the the five brothers (Gordy Jr., Chris, Dan, Glenn, Rob) and their father Gordy. Judging from the photo, Gordy bears a striking resemblance to Paulie Walnuts from the “Sopranos,” but I digress.

Here’s the rub: Obviously, Rob, Chris and Dan are too busy with their NFL duties during the season to help much with the show’s planning. However, once the offseason arrives, the plan is to have the entire Gronkowski family to walk into pitch meetings and try and sell the show.

That many Gronks in one room? Oh, good lord.

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