Aaron Rodgers to make a cameo on The Office

From State Farm commercials to Scranton, PA, Aaron Rodgers is diversifying his entertainment portfolio. According to Pro Football Talk, the Packers star will make a cameo appearance on the second-to-last episode of The Office, which concludes its series run this season.

Will Rodgers play Ryan’s cousin? Many people have said that Aaron is a spitting image of actor B.J. Novak. See for yourself:

But alas, no. Instead, Rodgers is apparently playing a judge in a singing contest. Don’t scoff: Aaron has a pretty strong musical side.

Kudos to you, Aaron. Let’s hope you hit it out of the park. And since you’re getting to be a part of The Office, it gives us an excuse to include this clip. We’ve seen it a million times and it’s still funny. Enjoy: