2 Truths and a Lie: Playoffs and Coaching Jobs

Welcome to the NFL week in review presented as “2 Truths and a Lie” or 2TL. This week featured four wild card playoff games and a lot of movement in the head coaching ranks. 2TL will give you three statements about a game or a major event from the previous week and it is your job to figure out which two statements are true and which is false.

Hou 19- Cin 13

  •  Andy Dalton made more playoff starts than Matt Schaub coming into this matchup, however, Schaub was the quarterback to leave the game with playoff victory under his belt.
  • The Texans ended the Bengals season for the second year in a row, making the Bengals the show Homeland, and the Texans a bomb.
  • The Bengals offensive and defensive coordinators are relieved to be done chasing a stupid Super Bowl so now they can interview for head coaching jobs.

GB 24- Min 10

  • The Green Bay Packers played their way to an easy win against the Minnesota Vikings who were without their starting quarterback Christian Ponder.
  •  The Packers relied heavily on John Kuhn and DuJuan Harris who had three touchdowns between them, which does not bode well for the Packers next week when they travel to San Francisco, but bodes even worse for the Vikings run defense next year.
  • Next week’s match up between the Packers and 49ers will determine once and for all which is more powerful, the Discount Double Check or the barely lucid pregame speech for the fan that pisses of Jim Harbaugh.

Bal 24- Ind 9

  • Ray Lewis did his last pre-game dance in Baltimore after a long, impressive, and controversial career that will land him in the Hall of Fame.
  •  The biggest dance craze when Ray Lewis got drafted in 1996 was The Macarena.
  •  Andrew Luck attempted 54 passes in this game, which was a relief to Colts fans who were worried Luck would be ‘shut down’ like Steven Strasburg because of his season pitch count.

Sea 24- Was 14

  • Robert Griffin III struggled to play through a knee injury and ended up making it worse, ending his season the way many people worried he would, injured.
  • After leading his team to an impressive victory, Russell Wilson is the only rookie quarterback still standing in the playoffs.
  • Wilson’s playoff success has lead many fans to criticize the Colts’ front office for passing over Wilson to draft Andrew Luck.

Buffalo Bills hire Doug Marrone

  • Marrone went 25-25 in four seasons as the head coach of the Syracuse Orange.
  • Syracuse played in the Big East, which s widely considered the worst BCS conference.
  • Upon hearing the news of this hiring, Bills fans’ responses were suitable for children’s ears.

Kansas City Chiefs hire Andy Reid

  • Reid has a history of developing great quarter backs, a position that has been a huge weakness for the Chiefs.
  • Reid has a career record of 130-93-1.
  • Andy Reid could have gotten much better production out of Brody Croyle, Damon Huard, Tyler Thigpen, or Brady Quinn.