Seems like the Earth is starting to reclaim the Pontiac Silverdome

Once the proud home of the Detroit Lions, the stadium has become dilapidated as Mother Nature works her magic. Check it out.

The Silverdome has seen better days.

Uniquely Detroit

Seems like something straight out of the NatGeo channel.

Just 12 years ago, the Detroit Lions moved out of the Pontiac Silverdome for Ford Field. Vacated fields are usually torn down and replaced. However, the Silverdome is still standing.

But the building is starting to break apart as the elements have worn down the structure. What remains is very similar to what you'd see on "Life After People."

There's this:

And this:

There's even this video if you want a guided tour:

There will be an online auction in May that will sell off anything and everything in the stadium. You name it: seats, scoreboard, popcorn machines and even toilets. So come one, come all if you want a piece of history.

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