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NFL Week 6 off-the-cuff picks: Talking Pearl Jam and pigskin

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By Andy Nesbitt, Time to have a little fun before getting into this week's picks. While everyone is looking forward to another Sunday/Monday full of NFL action, I might be more excited about Tuesday, Oct. 15. Why? That's when Pearl Jam's latest album "Lightning Bolt" is released (or dropped, if people still say that. We hope they don't). In celebration of this momentous event, I've decided to see how the name of each track on the upcoming album, the band's first first album, since 2009, can be related to the NFL world. Getaway: In terms of football, the name of the opening track instantly makes me think of Marshawn Lynch going into "Beast Mode" and just tossing would-be tacklers aside like it's no big deal. Lynch also plays for Seattle, the fine city that Pearl Jam calls home. Mind Your Manners: This rocking tune has Roger Goodell's name all over it. Remember when football was football and nobody cared if your shirt was untucked or if you spun the ball near a defender's feet after a big play? Yea, that has all changed now that Mr. Goodell is in power. He's always there to remind players to mind their manners, and pay their fines. My Father’s son: Hall of Famer Howie Long made a living in the trenches and sacking quarterbacks. Now his son Chris, who's in his sixth year with the Rams, is doing the same thing. He enters this week with 43.5 career sacks. His father had a total of 84 sacks. Chris is definitely his father's son. Sirens: Hopefully Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub doesn't have to hear the sounds of police sirens around his house any time soon. This week it was reported that some stupid Texans fans tried to go to his house to tell him off. We know Schaub is having a tough year but come on, fans. That's just not cool. It's a game, folks. Chill out.  Lightning Bolt: The Broncos don't really need any help scoring. Peyton Manning seems to know how to get the job done. But teams facing the the Broncos always have to worry about kick/punt return Trindon Holliday and his lightning-quick moves taking one back to the house. Infallible: The word itself means incapable of making mistakes. Um, have you heard of Peyton Manning? Pendulum: One week the San Diego Chargers look good. The next week they look bad. Then the next week they look good. Then the next week they look bad. And so on, and so forth. Swallowed Whole: Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo was having a heck of a game last week against the Broncos. Then he threw a costly interception deep in his own, the Broncos kicked a game winning field goal, and was swallowed whole by the fun folks on Twitter who shot off thousands of Romo jokes that we've all heard before. Let the records play: While many people were sleeping early last Monday morning, Charles Woodson was busy tying an NFL record with his 13th career defensive touchdown. That's pretty impressive, especially considering that he's about 45 years old now. Sleeping by myself: This one is a total guess and maybe I'm wrong, but this guy is probably used to sleeping by himself: Yellow Moon:  Green Bay Packers fans are a special breed. They really get football and love their team. They also love mooning the opposing team as their buses leave Lambeau Field after games, a tradition that's been going on for quite some time up in the Bay. Future days: Raiders fans are hopeful that the team has found a QB for future days in Terrelle Pryor. Could there be brighter days ahead for the Raiders? Or will their "Just win, maybe" slogan remain? That's it for Pearl Jam talk. Here's something to hold you over until the new album comes out: Reader comments! Time to look back at some of the best responses from last week’s picks. Want to get in on the weekly discussion about football? Hit me up right here or leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Samuel Genna wrote: Cowboy's are in their HOUSE.........Peyton will be running for his life......DEFENSE is coming!!! Me: Well, Samuel, you just learned how tough this business can be. At least you were right about the defense. Oops, that's right. The Cowboys gave up a 51-burger to ... Peyton. Tommy Holbert wrote: ok SEAHAWKS aren't for real. Panthers all the way. lets go Carolina Panthers. win win win win win. and win the super bowl. Me: The Seahawks, even though the lost last week to the Colts, look very much for real this year. The Panthers? They lost lost lost lost lost to Cardinals and definitely won't win the Super Bowl. Jim Carter simply wrote: hell ya............(bad word taken out to protect the children who are reading this column) Me: I don't know Jim Carter or who he was talking about but I like Jim Carter and I have no idea why. OK, on to the picks: Green Bay at Baltimore: Aaron Rodgers had this to say about Flacco earlier this week: “I think people in general need to give him the respect he deserves as a Super Bowl MVP." He quickly retracted that statement upon hearing Flacco had 5 picks against the Bills in Week 4. Packers 27, Ravens 17. Cincinnati at Buffalo: With E.J. Manuel out with an injury, the Bills turn to former Duke QB Thad Lewis as their starter. I've already printed out 5,000 "Thad's not all that bad" t-shirts and plan to build my empire in Buffalo. Or not. Bengals 20, Bills 10. Detroit at Cleveland: Finally these two cities meet to battle for the right to be called "Spring Break Capital of the World." Lions 23, Browns 20. St. Louis at Houston: What does Matt Schaub have in common with our government? They both stink right now. Texans 24, Rams 14. Oakland at Kansas City: Terrelle Pryor said this week that he is going to work with QB guru Tom House next week because he doesn't want to regress like Tim Tebow. Which made us wonder: Who is this Tim Tebow fella that he's talking about? Chiefs 26, Raiders 14. Carolina at Minnesota: The Vikings added Josh Freeman to the mix at their QB position this week. That and $9,000 should land them seats at the Super Bowl this year. Vikings 24, Panthers 18. Pittsburgh at New York Jets: The Steelers may be 0-4 but at least Pittsburgh still has the Pirates to root for. Oooooooops. Jets 16, Steelers 13. Philadelphia at Tampa Bay: Greg Schiano seems to have everything figured out in Tampa. And by figured out we mean the local real estate market and what it will take to sell, sell, sell in a few months. Eagles 20, Bucs 9. Jacksonville at Denver: Peyton Manning should do the right thing this week and play the entire game lefty. Broncos 45, Jaguars 6. Tennessee at Seattle: Russell Wilson probably had a harder time finding his keys this week than he will finding holes in the Titans' secondary. Seahawks 33, Titans 10.

New Orleans at New England: You know how the contestants at the end of each season of "The Biggest Loser" look great in clothing but are probably still a mess underneath the surface? That's pretty much the Patriots this year. Saints 31, Patriots 20. Arizona at San Francisco: Raise your hand if you have no idea what the Cardinals' record is right now. OK, everyone can put their hands down now. 49ers 34, Cardinals 13. Washington at Dallas: Imagine you were in a sales meeting with a potential new client. After 45 minutes things seemed to be going really well - you were hitting all the key points, everyone was smiling, and the deal was just about done. Then as you pulled out a pen to make it official you passed gas rather loudly and ran out of the room in embarrassment. That’s pretty much what Tony Romo did last week against the Broncos. Cowboys 27, Redskins 24. Indianapolis at San Diego: Philip Rivers and the Chargers are about as dependable as that buddy you have who says he'll be there in five minutes and then forgets you even had plans and texts you the next day to see what's up. Colts 30, Chargers 13. Last Week: 7-6 Season: 41-32 Questions? Comments? Send them to and we might respond in our weekly mailbag!

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