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LeSean McCoy would prefer a young toddler over Tim Tebow

The Eagles star was asked a question and he gave quite the stinging answer.

Shady doesn't want any part of Tim Tebow.

Chris Humphreys / USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow hasn't played a meaningful NFL snap in quite some time, but he's still not immune from catching some flak.

This time, it's Eagles star running back LeSean McCoy ripping into the quarterback. Shady was caught by TMZ cameras in an airport Saturday, and he was asked his opinion on the most talented NFL player currently without a job.

When the cameraman asked McCoy about Tim Tebow, well, it's clear he has a strong opinion. In fact, it appears he'd take his 2-year-old son over Tebow. Ouch.

(H/T to Huffington Post for the story)

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