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Kevin Kolb has just one goal in Buffalo

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We here at Laces Out love a guy who has guts and Kevin Kolb is nothing besides gutsy. Period.

  Nice! That's definitely a bold statement and one that will make even the most optimistic person raise an eyebrow. It's not that we're doubting his ability as a passer, although he hasn't done a whole lot in few years in the league. Also, it's not like he shouldn't have much problem beating out Tarvaris Jackson and Aaron Corp for Buffalo's starting job. But still ... the last time the Bills made a Super Bowl appearance was in the 1993 season under Jim Kelly (the last of four consecutive losses in that game). Since, then a litany of passers have tried and failed to make a Super Bowl; in fact, the franchise hasn't even made a postseason appearance since 1999. Those quarterbacks are: Frank Reich Todd Collins Alex Van Pelt Doug Flutie Rob Johnson Drew Bledsoe J.P. Losman Kelly Holcomb Trent Edwards Brian Brohm Ryan Fitzpatrick That's quite a list. However, who is to say that Kolb won't be the guy that ends the misery? On the other hand, who is to say that he will? Either way, we salute his gumption and wish him well. Be sure to get a big coat for those cold months, Kevin.