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Jerry Jones in awesome pregame photo with LeBron James and Hulk Hogan

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By Sam Gardner, So, LeBron James, Hulk Hogan and Jerry Jones walk into a bar… And that’s the joke. OK, I know. That’s bad, and I’ll show myself out. But really, what else can you add to this photo, courtesy of former Cowboys great scrub Clint Stoerner:

I’m not even really sure what’s going on here, but I know that it’s awesome and it makes me proud to be an American. And apparently it’s the icing on the cake for James, who started the day by watching football while he worked out: Then got in some work on the football field. (Is it too soon to start speculating as to how good he’d be on the gridiron? That hit on Tony Romo at the end of the first half looked bad.):     And now he’s enjoying the game with the billionaire owner of the Cowboys and Brooke Hogan’s dad. Sure, posing with Hogan and Jones doesn’t do anything to rid him of his reputation — to some — as a front-running villain, but if nothing else, James’ newest set of tag team partners gives us an excuse to reflect on this masterpiece: