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Inclement weather forces delay at start of Ravens-Broncos game

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By Sid Saraf, Well, this might be a first. Everyone settling in to watch the Ravens and Broncos kick off the 2013 NFL season in Denver were forced to wait a little bit as a weather delay was declared just before kickoff. A storm approaching the stadium was expected to have lightning and the NFL doesn't take those types of warnings lightly. Therefore, everyone was forced to stand around and wait a little while. What a strange experience it must be for the Ravens. First, they had to put up with a power outage during their Super Bowl win over the 49ers and then in their next game have to deal with this. The length of the delay on Thursday wound up being 34 minutes, the same length of the delay in the Super Bowl. That's kinda creepy. Kickoff wound up coming just after 9 p.m. ET. By the way, according to, it's 78 degrees with no rain in Baltimore at the time of kickoff. What a shame the Ravens and Orioles couldn't work out a way to play this game in Baltimore, which it should have been, since the Ravens are the defending champs. That fact wasn't lost on many people:

      Is this an inauspicious start to the NFL season? I don't know, there could be conspiracy theories floating around out there: Questions? Comments? Send them to and we might respond in our weekly mailbag!