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Did Michael Vick concede the Jets' QB battle to Geno Smith?

The veteran quarterback sounds like he's prepared to be the backup to the second-year incumbent Smith when the 2014 season begins.

Michael Vick looks ready to face the facts.

Bill Kostroun / FR51951 AP

The New York Jets brought in veteran quarterback Michael Vick this offseason so that he and second-year incumbent Geno Smith could have an open competition for the starting job in 2014.

The only problem is Vick doesn't see it that way, saying that there is no "open competition" for the job -- especially if he and Smith perform at an equal level going forward.

"Yeah, I would assume that Geno would be the starter," Vick told the New York Post. "Geno's making great strides. At the end of the year last year, he did a lot of remarkable things and put this team in a position to win and did everyting he was asked to do. I think (offensive coordinator) Marty (Mornhinweg) has really seen him take those strides and was excited about this year coming in."

Vick went through another open competition with Nick Foles last year in Philadelphia. In Vick's opinion, what's going on with the Jets is a completely different situation.

"(Foles and I) knew both of us coming in that it was open competition and the best guy was going to win the job, whoever performed well throughout OTAs and preseason. That's just what it was. It was pretty much cut and dry," Vick said. "So, this situation is kind of different. It's kind of unique. Even though it's not an open competition, we're both competing every day."

Now, just because Vick is prepared to back up Smith this season, that doesn't mean he's competely comfortable with the idea.

"It's still tough right now. I'll admit it. I won't lie. Deep down you always want to be a starter. You always feel like you're a starter. That's just the competitive nature in me," Vick said.

"Hopefully that opportunity will come again one day and I've just got to keep working for it. Nothing is easy in this league."

The smart money says that Vick should be ready to step in at a moment's notice. While Smith might be making some strides, that's a far cry from what he'll face once games start. Let's not forget that Geno was responsible for 25 turnovers last season and was the lowest-rated passer in the league.

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