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Blake Bortles throws first TD pass and good times are had by all

The Jaguars rookie -- and third overall draft pick in 2014 -- is setting the world on fire, one appearance at a time.

Blake Bortles reaches the end zone!

Leon Halip / Getty Images North America

Blake Bortles is a force of nature. A unstoppable entity that must be reckoned with. He's in your face, he's taking no prisoners.

Actually, he's still at rookie quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but he accomplished a first on Friday night against the Detroit Lions: his first touchdown toss!

The throw itself wasn't amazing, just your typical 13-yard pass to undrafted rookie wide receiver Allen Hurns (more on him in a minute), but it was the reaction on social media that stood out. See for yourself.

Is it a bit much? Maybe, but it's still fun. Can you blame them? Check out this play Bortles made before his touchdown throw.

Hoooo, that's just plain fun. And speaking of fun, Jaguars fans are having a ball watching Hurns, who has turned in yet another quality preseason performance. He pulled down another 100-plus receiving yards on Friday night and is making a case to not just make the team, but get some playing time once games start counting in September.

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