You'll flip when you see Karl Malone's sweet phone

Karl Malone still likes to take in Utah Jazz games (he sitting with owner Greg Miller) when he can.

Melissa Majchrzak / NBAE

There's old school and then there's Karl Malone.

The guy known as The Mailman during his Hall of Fame NBA career takes old school to a whole new level.

Not only does he still carry around a flip-phone, but the man is downright proud to show it off.

Then again, it's not like they called him The E-Mailman, so maybe it makes sense a guy associated with snail mail would stick to some outdated technology.

Check him out showing it off in the video below:


Now, his partner all of those years in Utah was point guard John Stockton, known for his own old school fashion faux pas ... the short shorts. But we'd never see him sporting a flip-phone would we? Oh wait ... what is this?

And if you want a real old school tribute, watch Blake Griffin doing a Karl Malone dunk in last night's win over the Suns. You can't record or post that on your sorry old flip-phone, Karl.

(H/T to FTW)

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