Report: Arenas reaches plea deal after felony gun charge

Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas was charged with felony gun
possession on Thursday in connection with a Dec. 21 locker room
confrontation with a teammate.

Prosecutors charged Arenas with one count of carrying a
pistol without a license, which carries a maximum penalty of five
years in prison. But Arenas reached a plea deal that could result
in much less or even no jail time, according to the
Washington Post.

The charges were filed in D.C. Superior Court in an
“information,” a document that often signals a plea deal.

Arenas is scheduled to plead guilty Friday afternoon. His
lawyer and the team had no immediate comment.

Arenas, who has been suspended indefinitely by the NBA
pending the investigation, has said he kept multiple guns in his
locker at the Verizon Center. The 28-year-old three-time NBA
All-Star said he wanted to keep them away from his children and
didn’t know it was illegal.

He says he took them out of the locker on Dec. 21 in a
“misguided effort to play a joke” on a teammate.

League officials have said the locker-room incident stemmed
from a card-game dispute between Arenas and teammate Javaris
Crittenton on a plane trip two days earlier.

At least seven Wizards players and coach Flip Saunders have
appeared before a grand jury or been questioned by authorities.

Earlier Thursday, police searched for a gun at Crittenton’s
apartment in Virginia but did not seize any evidence, according to
court documents.

It’s unclear what role Crittenton played in the incident and
whether he had a gun. He has kept a low profile and has said he did
nothing wrong.

Police were specifically looking for a silver or chrome
colored semiautomatic handgun with a black handle. A search warrant
indicated police are investigating crimes including brandishing a
weapon and violating the District of Columbia’s gun laws.

Crittenton’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, said Crittenton was
there during the search.

“It went as smooth as it could have gone,” Bartelstein said.

Crittenton has been excused by the team from practices and
games while authorities investigate.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.