Hansbrough thinks twice after foul

Tyler Hansbrough apparently knows how to pick his battles.

The Toronto Raptors forward with a gritty, borderline dirty reputation, was ready to lay the smack down on a certain Knicks player during a preseason game — until he wasn’t.

Hansbrough got tangled up with Metta World Peace under the basket, and without knowing who the man was who fouled him from behind, the forward showed some visible frustration after the act.

Hansbrough was primed to lash out at his attacker, but once he turned around and saw who was standing in front of him — giving him the death stare to end all death stares — Hansbrough quickly changed his tune.

The former Pacer recoiled instantly, and instead of spewing out some harsh words to the Knicks forward, Hansbrough instead offered up his apologies, repeating “my bad” over and over again.

Maybe Hansbrough is familiar with World Peace’s rap sheet:

James Harden certainly hasn’t forgotten this little number, either: