The Daily Buzz: Monday, June 17

The NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals couldn’t be
presenting us with two more different championship series.

On the ice, the Bruins and Blackhawks series is knotted 1-1 and
be closer
, with both Game 1 and Game 2 coming down to an
. Meanwhile, the Spurs lead the Heat 3-2, but the
road to that point has essentially been
series of blowouts
(thanks in no small part to Danny Green,
can’t seem to miss
from 3).

Here’s to hoping the hockey series continues its trend in
Game 3 Monday night and the hoopsters give us a contest worth
watching in Game 6 on Tuesday.

Elsewhere in the news, Phil Mickelson
a bridesmaid again
at the U.S. Open, and Greg Biffle
at Michigan
as the competition faltered.

As for the rest of the news, here’s some of what you may
have missed this
Father’s Day weekend:

• It’s finally
Wil Myers time in Tampa Bay.

• Danny Green nearly steamrolled Tim Duncan’s kid on
his way to the locker room at halftime:

• Tim Thomas is gone but Tuukka Rask
has not forgotten his predecessor in the
Boston Bruins net.

• Sewage problems forced the A’s and Mariners to
a clubhouse

• This is the only way to celebrate an ace at the U.S.

• Grab a tissue for this one on
the long road back for Mario Garza, manager of
the Gulf Coast League Yankees after losing his 19-month-old son two
years ago.

• Donald Driver would
come out of retirement if the Packers wanted

• Birdman’s contribution to the Heat’s
“Who Has the Worst Fashion” contest:


• Denny Hamlin
paid a cool tribute to Jason Leffler at
Michigan on Sunday.

• All of the synonyms Doc Emrick used for
“pass” in Saturday’s Game 2:


• The Avalanche’s No. 1 pick in this year’s NHL draft
seems awfully coveted.

• Rory McIlroy shot himself out of contention Sunday, then

took it out on his club.

• McIlroy perhaps could have used a lesson from the
9-year-old who
shot a 58 in a sanctioned junior golf

• Dick Vitale, keeping you up to date on the latest
Hollywood gossip:


• It’s summertime, which means another college athlete is
probably being arrested. The latest is a
Florida Gators linebacker.

• Boxers are
no strangers to the law either.

• Some crazy lightning interrupted a minor league game
this weekend:


• I’m sure
life is very tough for Johnny Manziel at Texas

• A special
Father’s Day bond between coach and player at
Southern U.

Controversial Chargers team doctor David Chao
stepped down late last week.

• Desmond Howard gets photbombed by Buckeyes fans:


• The Jets are
paying more for Tim Tebow than the

• How did Deacon Jones
coin the term ‘sack’?

• Say what now?