Sacramento Kings

"At best, they’re on the playoff bubble. At worst, they fall apart and they fin last in the West. Both are possible. … This whole roster is on the trade block. … Joerger was their biggest free agent addition. That’s good and bad. He’s got a solid track record but he needed some players. … Joerger will probably play with two bigs a lot just like he did in Memphis given how many power forwards and centers they have that need minutes. … They couldn’t play pace and space even if they wanted to because their guards and wings are so poor. … Cousins is the most talented center in the NBA and the toughest big to guard. He can get you points from the elbow, in pick-and-pop, from the post. So far, none of that has equated to winning or even making the playoffs because Sacramento has done a terrible job of finding guys who fit around Cousins. … This roster would make a lot more sense if they just rebuilt by trading Cousins for a top-10 point guard. Cousins should bring in strong trade offers because he’s probably the most attainable A-list talent in the league. … Defensively, Cousins still needs to improve. He’s below average for a starter. He takes charges, but he’s not a big rim-protector and he’s not great going side to side. You can attack him in pick-and-rolls and just pull up in front of him. He gives points away with his technical fouls and lapses in awareness and focus. … Cauley-Stein is best at the five but he can play the four because he’s athletic enough not to get killed by stretch guys. … Papagiannis looks like a D-Leaguer. … Sooner or later, a guy like Koufos will probably fall out of the rotation or get traded. … They’re really thin at point guard but I don’t think they’ll miss Rondo. Collison might not be able to put up Rondo’s numbers but I think he will have a much better impact. Rondo has the ball in his hands way too much. … On a playoff team, Collison is a backup. … You can’t expect a lot from Lawson. He used to put so much pressure on the rim by attacking off the dribble. We haven’t seen that for a while. … They never should have let Seth Curry go. … Afflalo is a replaceable guy who has bounced around a lot. He leaves you wanting more. ... McLemore has had plenty of opportunities but he’s inconsistent. He needs a change of scenery. If I’m his agent, I’m trying to convince teams that he’s the next Allen Crabbe. … Their frontcourt rotation is a mess. Why does one team need Casspi, Tolliver, Barnes and Gay? You don’t need more than two of those four. … They have so many below-average defenders in their rotation that it’s hard to take them seriously. What’s their best defensive lineup? Can they stop anybody with their perimeter rotation?​"

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