Westbrook’s latest fashion choice

Oh, Russell Westbrook, it’s good to see you in regular season
form again.

The mercurial Oklahoma City Thunder fashionista/point guard hit
the Nickelodeon Teen Choise Awards last night in a get-up that
would rival any of his NBA postgame outfits.

Hey if Michelle Rodriguez likes it, who are we to argue?

Westbrook, who was knocked out of the playoffs in just the
second game of the first round with a torn meniscus after colliding
with Houston’s Patrick Beverley, has been a blog and highlight show
staple thanks to his unique wardrobe choices.

Let’s take a look back at some of his other fashion choices,
shall we?

Lens-less glasses? Westbrook was at the forefront of that

Stare at this one long enough and you’ll see a hidden picture.
(Not really, in fact you might have a seizure.)

Long-sleeve, black, leather button-up shirt … who doesn’t have
one or two of these hanging in the closet?

Yeah, we’re not sure what’s going on with this shirt. Dig those
red frames, though!

Why yes, those are fishing lures.

What, you couldn’t find a bow-tie that went with this

We’re just having fun Russ, please don’t ever change. Actually,
come to think of it, change as often as you like.