Roddy White blasts Stevens’ hire

On Wednesday, the Boston Celtics
hired 36-year-old Butler University head coach
Brad Stevens
to be the next coach of the team, and the move,
while stunning,
was widely accepted by the basketball-watching

Even Phil Jackson, the most decorated coach in NBA history,



One person who did not like the Celtics’ decision,
however, was Falcons wide receiver and Celtics fan Roddy White, and
he took to Twitter — something he
does quite often, and quite hilariously
— to express his displeasure:







When fans challenged White by pointing out that Heat coach Erik
Spoelstra, he of two consecutive NBA championships, was only 37
when he was hired as Miami’s head coach, White had this to



First of all, whose opinion are you going to put more stock in
when it comes to assessing a coach’s qualifications —
Roddy White or Phil Jackson?

Secondly, it won’t be Stevens’ fault when the
Celtics stink next season, anyway. So when they’re 20 games
under .500 next April, White should take to Twitter to blast the
lack of talent on the court, not in the coach’s office.

I get it, though. It’s not a fun time to be a Celtics fan
right now, and there were other experienced former NBA coaches
available to take Doc Rivers’ spot. But that’s no
reason to slam the new coach for being young — if Stevens is
a “kid” at 36, then what is White at 31? — and
dismiss his success on account of the program he came from.

You know what, maybe White should just follow the lead of
Butler’s mascot and hit the gym to cool off: