Reggie Jackson, Summer League king

Reggie Jackson, the baseball player, is known as Mr. October due to his exploits for the New York Yankees in the 1977 and 1978 World Series.

Reggie Jackson, the basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, has probably dealt with countless "Mr. October" jokes in his lifetime, and I could not blame the less famous Mr. Jackson if he were a little sick of them.

Well, Reggie, have no fear: You can now call yourself Mr. July after putting up 23 points in the fourth quarter of his Thunder’s 79-75 Summer League victory over the Detroit Pistons. Making things more impressive? Summer League quarters are 10 minutes long rather than the normal 12-minute NBA quarters.

Summer League exploits are taken with a hefty grain of salt, as the competition is sub-par compared to regular NBA games and most of the players are simply fighting for a roster spot for the regular season.

However, when you go off for 23 points in a single quarter and a Summer League-record 35 points overall, you deserve some credit. Especially when your team is down by 11 at the beginning of that fourth quarter and you single-handedly will it to victory.

So congratulations, Mr. July. You have quite a ways to go before you become the most famous Reggie Jackson in sports history, but at least you have your own nickname now.