See Sheed jump ... or try anyway

Rasheed Wallace might have had a 16-year long career and retired two times with bad knees and a 39-year-old frame, but that doesn't mean he can't take on a rookie in a dunk contest.

The Detroit Pistons are giving the NBA Slam Dunk Contest a run for its money with these post-practice throwdowns.

In the battle of old vs. new, Rasheed Wallace and Tony Mitchell showed off their hops in a competition that was awesomely one-sided. After a 16-year career in the NBA and a couple of retirements, Wallace joined the Pistons this season as an assistant coach. The 39-year-old power forward may not be as dominating as he once was on the court, but he proved to be just as entertaining.

After the rookie out of North Texas pulled off a reverse windmill with ease, it was the coach’s turn to complete the impressive feat. Wallace proved that he can still dunk — kind of — but his megawatt smile after the “athletic” move made the contest a lot closer than it should’ve been.

Check out the competition that Andre Drummond documented in the video below.

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