Paul George sinks one from way, way outside thanks to shot-clock error

Not much has gone right for the Indiana Pacers lately, but they did score a 101-94 win over the Pistons on Wednesday night.

And one of the key buckets in that game sure looked like it could have been another episode in their late-season swoon.

Pacers star Paul George, whose game has been up and down lately, had to throw up a shot from more than 35 feet out after his teammates saw the shot clock about to expire.

Just one problem: The Pacers had just gotten an offensive rebound, so the shot clock should have reset. But there it was, about to hit zero ... so George launched it and ...

... swish! The shot sailed through and gave the Pacers a 94-90 lead, with the shot clock resetting as the ball left George's hands.

Hey, when things are going bad, you'll take whatever lucky bounces, you can get, right?

Check it out below: (h/t to Deadspin)

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