Newest Celtics don’t look too thrilled

The Boston Celtics officially introduced Keith Bogans, Kris
Humphries and MarShon Brooks on Monday, the newest additions in
their complete overhaul

since trading
Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to
the Brooklyn Nets last week.

The event did not attract much fanfare. And this is the photo
the Celtics’ official Instagram account decided to put out:


Feel the excitement, Boston! Bogans and Brooks look like they’re
watching a puppy get put down. Humphries is kind of smiling, I
guess, but his

newly reclaimed bachelorhood
could be playing a
role there.

New head coach
Brad Stevens is flashing the smirk
of a man who knows that absolutely nothing that goes wrong in the
next 12-18 months can be blamed on him. And then there’s president
of basketball operations Danny Ainge, clearly haunted by thoughts
of this very similar yet painfully different image from six years

(Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty Images)

Even the followers of the Celtics’ Instagram account were
overcome by the utter apathy of the photo:



To the players’ credit, they all said the right things, even if
there is a twinge of doom in each comment.

Humphries, via the Boston Globe: “Kris Humphries, 10th year,
excited to be here.”

Bogans, via the Globe: “I know the fans in Boston appreciate
hard work, playing hard, and that’s pretty much my game.”

Brooks, via ESPN: “I know a lot of people in Providence.
I’m just excited.”

Alas, karma has come calling for the Celtics, as the Minnesota
Timberwolves have arguably shed the label of “saddest Kevin Garnett
aftermath photo”:

(David Sherman/NBAE/Getty Images)

UPDATE: We’ve found the most disappointed Celtics
fan in all the land:

(Chris Jackson/Getty Images)